Best Neighborhoods to Move to In Brooklyn For Families

Best Neighborhoods to Move to In Brooklyn For Families

As NYC’s most populated borough, Brooklyn is always filled with action and charm. It may not be the largest, yet it offers many unique places to live. It’s not a surprise that many families are moving here. There’s plenty of fun, lots of opportunities, friendly communities, and good education. If you’re thinking about moving to Brooklyn, here are the top-rated neighborhoods worth exploring!

Park Slope

When it comes to the best neighborhood, Park Slope always comes to mind. It’s famous for being prestigious, offering top-notch entertainment and quality of life. Here you’ll enjoy many outdoor activities. Bring your loved ones to McCarren Park or Prospect Park on weekends. Biking along Ocean Parkway or taking family walks to Owl Farm will also prove to be an extraordinary adventure. On top of being safe, the neighborhood also offers several great public schools and universities. This area should be your top choice if you’re looking for a safe place to raise kids while still having plenty of fun things to do outside your home.

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Windsor Terrace

If budget-friendly is what you seek, Windsor is perfect for your family. Here you’ll find spacious, affordable homes surrounded by peace and quiet. The neighborhood is relatively safe as the NYPD maintains a strong presence around the area. Plus, Park Slope is just within walking distance! It’s ironic how two neighborhoods can be so close, yet the prices are way different from each other. Windsor also offers good public institutions, with District 15 boasting some of the highest-performing grade schools in the borough. So yeah, Windsor is your go-to if Park Slope proves to be too much for your wallet.

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Diversity and friendliness — these two words define Williamsburg. Aside from being ideal for families, the welcoming environment of the neighborhood never fails to draw in young professionals. There’s an excellent school system for your kids and plenty of playgrounds and parks to explore. The main attraction lies in the Brooklyn Public Library. A classic institution with a plethora of literature dating back way before the war even started. In addition, Williamsburg offers flea markets, cheap eateries, local breweries, and live music venues for you to explore.

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Brooklyn Heights

The best things Brooklyn has to offer can be found in Brooklyn Heights. The waterfront setting is truly remarkable, even if you’ve lived there all your life. You can feel a strong sense of unity in the community. Moreover, proximity to other neighborhoods provides a perfect balance between time spent at home with family and commuting to Manhattan for work (just over the bridge). The schools in Brooklyn Heights offer children endless opportunities to learn, grow, explore, and make friends. More than that, you can also take your family to museums, play at the park, or dine in fancy restaurants for quality bonding time.

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Among the neighborhoods on this list, Flatbush is perhaps the most historic. In here, you’ll find rows of classic Victorian homes and brownstone establishments. It’s not the fanciest, yet it rocks a certain charm that you will certainly appreciate. Moreover, it’s been growing rapidly over the years! Cortelyou Road at the center now houses plenty of shops, restaurants, and boutiques. Your kids will have access to a highly active school district and several parks in the vicinity. Unfortunately, with progress also comes steep prices. The average costs of homes in Flatbush are now almost on par with Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights.

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No, there are no elephants in Dumbo. The neighborhood gets the name from its location itself: Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. Cool, right? But the place is more than just a name. It is a welcoming haven for families and artists alike, thanks to its affordability and safety. There’s also the Brooklyn Children’s Museum that strongly complements the area’s well-performing public schools. You can also enjoy the sunset walking around Brooklyn Bridge Park. As a former industrial hub, tons of businesses have established themselves around the place, providing numerous opportunities for the average New Yorker. 

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Bay Ridge

Do you love scenic waterfronts? A tight-knit community? A place rich in history? Then seek no further than Bay Ridge! This lively residential neighborhood brims with culture and diversity. Contrary to the typical NYC setting filled with tall buildings, the place is pretty leveled. Residents strongly oppose excessive urban development. This means you won’t see towering skyscrapers in this part of town. Instead, you’ll encounter plenty of small shops, cafes, boutiques, and humble establishments that give color to the neighborhood. While it is a bit far from Manhattan, the superior subway and efficient ferry route systems will surely solve your commute problems.

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Downtown Brooklyn

Brooklyn isn’t complete without Downtown. It pumps the heart, fires up the soul, and breathes life into the borough. With a large residential population, space can be scarce, but opportunities are plenty and lucrative. Fortunately, there are lots of green spaces thanks to the parks. You and your family can also get to enjoy an excellent selection of restaurants. You can live here without ever needing to venture outside Brooklyn’s borders! But as you might have guessed, it is also the priciest part of the borough. It’s twice as expensive as Park Slope! Still, everything will be worth it, considering this neighborhood has everything you and your family will ever need.

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