Providing high-quality, affordable housing for New Yorkers in need
Building affordable housing, creating sustainable communities

Lott Community
Development Corporation

Properties currently managed by Lott CDC include three buildings for seniors, two for the formerly homeless, and 22 for individuals and families of low to moderate income. As its founder intended, all existing apartments and all future developments will maintain long-term affordability to continue serving New Yorkers in need.



East Harlem Apartments
111-117 East 100th Street

Mt. Carmel Apartments
441 East 116th Street
447-449 East 116th Street
453 East 117th Street

Milagrosa Apartments
177-179 East 101st Street
178 East 101st Street
1265 Park Avenue

St. Cecilia Apartments
242 East 106th Street
332 East 106th Street
2051 Second Avenue

San Francisco Apartments
21 East 104th Street
29 East 104th Street

San Juan Apartments

103 East 100th Street
119-121 East 100th Street
114 East 102nd Street
116 East 102nd Street
1553 Lexington Avenue
1555 Lexington Avenue

El Barrio Apartments
107 East 100th Street
1325 Park Avenue

Mt. Pleasant Apartments
421 East 116th Street

Casita Park Apartments
100 East 111th Street

Lucille C. Clark Apartments
246 West 112th Street

All Saints Apartments
53 East 131st Street
58 East 132nd Street
1948 Park Avenue

Ebenezer Apartments
1572 Lexington Avenue

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